Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Episode 37 - Now with Topics

This week, after a break, the gang is back to discuss the normal topics. Sandman doesn't know what shipping is, Hipster's school system makes no sense, Derrik is the only one who didn't know about the early release of Avengers, and InternetDave lets his anger off at Sandman.

Dave's New Swag
Starcast 100 Project
Ken Robinson: Changing Education Paradigms
Avengers 3-D Glasses
Avengers XXX
Chess Blitz Video
Soylent Green
Futurama references Soylent Green
Freakazoid Episode I watched in Class
Animaniacs - Finger Prince
WKYK - Abe Lincoln
WKYK - Reverse Psychology
Legend of Korra

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