Sunday, April 15, 2012

Episode 36 - Getting the Band Back Together

InternetDave, Sandman, Hipster, DarthCuddles, and special guest Matt talk about Reddit, PAX announcements, and Jessica Nigri. (spoiler: She's SO HOT!)

Day[9] Dancing at MLG Columbus
MLG Clutch Dancing at MLG Columbus
Meeting IdrA (Look at how awkward and messy I am!)
Ray the BroodLord
IdrA with Ray the BroodLord
IdrA Emotion Chart
State of the Game - PAX East 2012
PAX East RoosterTeeth Panel
Nathan Barnatt (Keith Apicary)
Jessica Nigri as The Lollipop Chainsaw Girl
More Jessica Nigri
MLG Raleigh 2011 - Meeting Day[9] and Husky
In Case of Nothing
Matt vs the Jello
No Fap Challenge
Peter Pan Live Action
Nostalgia Critic - Hook
Jessica Nigri - Facebook Post
The History and Influence of Starcraft
The Cabin in the Woods Wiki


  1. There was more to the Keith Incident than meets the eye. I was at PAX East, I would know.

    1. If you guys are low on guests I could come on and talk about PAX East.

    2. We've actually got a couple guest lined up now. It's just a matter of getting them on. They said they will, though.