Sunday, December 11, 2011

Episode 23 - Do I Need to Link all of That?!

WE'RE BACK! InternetDave, Hipster, Derrik, and Shemy welcome you. Also, brief appearance by Mic the Microphone.

Link Dump!

Child's Play Donations
Red Cross Charity
Whachow Podcast
Weekly Speak Podcast
RoosterTeeth Community Site
Mic the Microphone
Mic's New Book
Mic Browsing Art
Machu Picchu
Bronyville Podcast
Russia 140%
Herman Cain's Pokemon Speech
Rick Perry Commercial - Strong
Boxing Day
InternetDave's Cell Phone
Daniel Tosh Comedy Sketch
Conspiracy Keanu Reeves
Pizza is a Vegetable
Pizza Hut Sign
Intertainment's Twitter
Hipster's Twitter
Intertainment's Official Tumblr
Shemy's Music


  1. I saw this and my jaw hit the floor for at least a minute while I looked at the link dump. I am so glad there's a new podcast this week!

  2. Just realized I got a shoutout!